Day-2 Lunch Lake to Mexican Hat Lake
Woodland Caribou 2006
Lunch Lake to Mexican Hat Lake

Happy Canada Day!

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Colin and Barry soaking it up at the small lift over enroute to Mexican Hat Lake.  Is it hot or what?
"Cooling Off"
Mexican Hat water falls. Colin and Ben play and soak in the water falls.
Mexican Hat Waterfalls
Self portraite on Mexican Hat just to say I was there.
I was here!
Oh Canada, Oh Canada, Thou has such beauty which we enjoy.  Happy Canada Day
Celebrating Canada Day"
Fishing does not get any better than sitting three in the canoe rigged for lake trout.
Fear This Mr. Trout!
A large cloud burst heading our way.  We need to find shelter or out run this and head back to camp.
Cloud Burst

Dave pulls in a nice lake trout on Mexican Hat Lake.
Dave lands a laker

Spectacular sunset on Mexican Hat Lake.
"This is why we come!"

        We woke to a sunny warm morning compared to the stormy night we had.  The weather outlook for our travels looked pretty dry.   For breakfast we had the famous "McAspies" made of eggs and bacon with cheese on an english muffin.   Once the dishes were done and our gear was packed, we paddled off to Mexican Hat Lake via many unnamed lakes.  Our first portage was a 200m and then a 40m into Jake Lake followed by a 100m, 60m, 140m and a small lift over which we kept our canoes loaded.  It was here that Colin and Barry laid in what is called a wilderness jacuzzi.  It was very refreshing on a hot day.   The next portage was an 80m and then a 325m which led us around a huge waterfall into Mexican Hat Lake.  We also played here and cooled off a bit in the water fall.  Our camp was across from the water fall on an exposed site.  After we set up the camp, the kids went swimming and Dave, Jerry and I headed out to fish for some lake trout which we were very successful.  Dave caught the first lake trout.  Colin was able to catch two walleyes back at camp across from the out flow of the waterfall after swimming.   We headed out again to fish some more but this time the weather had changed.  A storm was passing by to the north with a spectacular lightning display. Dave and I were in one canoe and Jerry and Colin in another.   We paddled to the west heading into the wind such that we could troll our way back.  A large cloud burst headed our way right down the center of the lake with more lightning which is when we decided to out run it and head back to camp for dinner.   The storms were pretty much scattered and fast moving.  For dinner, we had chili, fish and corn bread muffins.   Towards the evening, the massive thunderheads could be seen off in the distance above the height of land colored by the lowering sun.  That evening we enjoyed one of the best sunsets one could ever experience.   Later Jerry and Brian decided to go for a swim while yelling the famous call,

"I looooooooooove Woodland Caribou!"

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Highlights of Day 2:

Large waterfall into Mexican Hat Lake
Lightning and thunderstorms.
Fishing for trout.
One of the best sunsets ever.
I think there was a full moon.
Celebrating Canada Day!

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